Derek Rosenberger

Derek Rosenberger

How long have you been studying/working on insect cold hardiness?

I have been studying cold hardiness since 2012.

What insect(s) do you study?

Mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins)

What is your main research?

My main research involves assessing the suitability of eastern pine forests for the establishment of the mountain pine beetle. The mountain pine beetle is an aggressive bark beetle responsible for several million hectares of pine mortality in Western North America.  Its range is now expanding due to increased climate suitability (it’s not getting cold enough to kill it during the winter!). As the beetle expands its range east it may reach eastern pine species which are currently naïve to this insect. I am researching how the beetle responds to naïve eastern pine hosts. In that vein I am investigating whether host tree species effects the cold tolerance of the insect.

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